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AI for simpler and more effective patent search

How it works

Amplified is different

Amplified is more accurate and comprehensive because we match similar concepts based on reading the entire text, not specific keywords.

AI sorts while you search

Document-level similarity adds a new dimension to your search that works hand-in-hand with traditional queries.

Save time on document review

Amplified uses the text and patents you provide to instantly find relevant results.

Customize every search

Fine-tune the AI using relevant results you find. Use keyword filters to focus on key features.

You're always in control of scope

AI will sort but never exclude results. Each project keeps track of the patents you've read and saved so you've always got a history.

Craft patents, not queries

Amplified learns what you're looking for based on the text and patents you provide.

Finds results you'd otherwise miss

Searching by concept means you'll find similar patents no matter how they are written.

Comfortable and easy to use

Fast loading, customizable keyword highlights, customizable display, side-by-side full text and drawings, and more.
Rigorously tested

I was able to quickly find the most relevant prior art in Amplified. I verified this after spending significantly more time in our standard patent search database.

Sylwia Jacobsen
Patent Analyst, Laudea GmbH

Amplified is easy to use for attorneys and engineers. In under an hour we can find prior art.

Fumihiko Matsumoto
Patent Attorney, Matsumoto Patent Office
The team

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