We build simple, instant, and reliable artificial intelligence systems that help humans innovate faster.

We combine extensive IP industry experience with cutting-edge deep learning to simplify the labour-intensive yet low-value aspects of inventing.

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Simplifying patents so you can focus on innovation.



Rapid Report

Standard reports to provide you with instant intelligence.

Instant Invalidity Check

Send us a patent number and we will generate a report of the closest 50 patents our system identifies.

Instant Patent Analytics

Send us 3-5 representative CPC codes or 3-5 representative patents and we will generate an overview of the patent and technology landscape.



IP Data Organization + Analytics

Example: Automated Categorization

Based on a categorization scheme together with a set of labelled data that you provide, we will train a machine to classify the rest of the data set. Common examples are: to tie patents to business units; build custom technical taxonomies to analyze trends and competitors; and mapping IP risks when planning a product launch.



Search Automation Software

A single platform to simplify prior art searching. Coming soon...