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Not yesterday's AI. Over the past 20 years innovation has become faster and more global. As a result, more patents are filed and issued than ever before. Attorneys and inventors have no way to process this big unstructured data. Traditional machine learning such as semantic search are too simplistic for understanding complex patent language.

Amplified ai is building tomorrow's AI. Developments in computational power, NLP, and deep learning have made it possible for a machine to read tens of millions of patents and learn specific concepts in fine detail. This powerful intelligence doesn't replace professionals, instead we augment attorneys and inventors so less time is spent on routine legal processes and more on creating new strategic value.



Less paperwork,
more innovation.

Automating Prior Art Search

Instant global prior art search reports.

As former patent searchers and examiners, we know how hard a good search is. We've built an on-demand database of prior art using deep learning to read and digest over 100 million patents across multiple languages covering over 90 countries.

To verify quality we benchmark against hundreds of invalidity cases across technology domains. While our AI is constantly learning and improving, the quality of results is better than any solution we've seen before. In 20% of benchmarked cases the correct invalidating reference appears within the top 10 hits.

But don't take our word for it - request early access to see three pre-loaded sample reports or contact us for more information.

Rapid Report

Enter any patent number to instantly get a report of 50 prior art search results.
Coming soon: Natural text input is now in alpha testing with select partners.

Prior Art Search Platform

Coming soon: Interact with results to explore from multiple angles and dynamically refine your search.

We are constantly improving our AI and expanding use cases. If you are interested in partnering with us or just have a request for new features please contact us.



Patent Filing Automation

Coming soon...

Embed artificial intelligence into your workflow to drive systematic improvements in core KPIs and operational efficiencies.