Searching patents has never been easier. Amplified uses AI to deliver professional results in moments.

Amplified saves you time by eliminating the hours spent writing complex search queries and reviewing noisy results for relevant prior art. Our proprietary AI instantly, accurately, and reliably finds prior art across multiple languages and improves over time.


Key benefits

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Outsourced patent search takes weeks and existing software tools require extensive manual review to separate signal from noise. With Amplified you get immediate results without wasting unnecessary time on document review.

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easy to use
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Just input text or a patent number. That's it. Nothing else required and no manuals to read.

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Our benchmark tests based on historical invalidity cases show that Amplified is on par with or in some cases, more accurate than, a professional. A professional patent searcher reviews thousands of documents to find 3 to 5 potentially relevant results. By comparison, Amplified routinely finds relevant prior art in less than one hundred documents.



Why Amplified?

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It used to take one week to get a quote from our patent search supplier.  With Amplified, we already reviewed results and have moved forward with our patent attorney in that same period.
(IP Department Staff, Manufacturing Company)

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Outsourced search can be slow and often does not present value to my clients.  I’d rather get accurate results quickly and invest more of my time to deliver value to my clients.
(Partner, US Law Firm)


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