Amplified is the fastest and easiest way to search patents

A new way to find prior art. Our proprietary AI instantly, accurately, and reliably finds prior art and improves over time. 

amplified ai

Key benefits

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Patent search using traditional keyword databases is hard to learn and takes expensive experts weeks just to find 3-5 potentially relevant results. Amplified users routinely find important results in the first 30 minutes.

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easy to use
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Start with a simple text description or a patent number. No complex boolean search queries and hours wasted reviewing noisy results. As you navigate results our AI will learn and adapt to suggest better and better results.

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Results you can trust. Testing on more than 1000 IPR cases and international search reports has shown that Amplified is on par with or in many cases more accurate than a professional searcher.



Why Amplified?

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It used to take one week to get a quote from our patent search supplier.  With Amplified, we already reviewed results and have moved forward with our patent attorney in that same period.
(IP Department Staff, Manufacturing Company)

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Outsourced search can be slow and often does not present value to my clients.  I’d rather get accurate results quickly and invest more of my time to deliver value to my clients.
(Partner, US Law Firm)


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