blogAmplified 2021 year in review

In 2021 we delivered a huge increase in AI capabilities, increased our data coverage, launched Amplified for teams, and introduced collaboration with project sharing.

After moving at a breakneck pace all year we wanted to take a moment to pause and say thank you. It’s truly rare to have a community this passionate and thanks to your support we’ve been able to grow exponentially and continue trailblazing the application of AI to patent work. Here a few of the ways we evolved Amplified this year:

AI improvements to continue making finding better prior art faster and easier

  • Released our third generation of neural AI which makes Amplified more reliable (better results on more cases) and more efficient (40% more likely to find an X reference in the first 10 results

  • Added classic AI mode which works in tandem with our unique neural AI to further increase result comprehensiveness and search efficiency

  • Added five more search languages (German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and French) in addition to our existing Japanese and English language support bringing our total to seven supported languages

Legal status, expanded data, and more powerful filters to make working with AI intuitive and effective

  • Added filter by and display family-level legal status and publication type

  • Colored badges to show keyword counts for highlighted terms on each result

  • Expanded keyword filters to support wildcard and proximity operators

  • Increased searchable coverage to almost 110 million publications (bibliographic coverage for over 140 million)

Project sharing, notes, and annotations enable rich and secure collaboration across stakeholders

  • Share projects with other users and even collaborate in real-time

  • Create discussions, add comments, and effortlessly link to specific parts of patents just by highlighting the text of interest

  • Add private notes to patents and see those across projects

2021 saw a sharp increase in the adoption of AI in and out of the IP industry. We expect to see this trend accelerate in 2022 and along with that will come new challenges that we're excited to take on. We'll be kicking off the year with some big announcements so stay tuned.

From everyone at the Amplified team, we wish you a happy new year!