Prior Art Rapid Report

Global patent reports to help you build your patent portfolio and IP strategy.

Just enter a patent number and get our AI's 50 closest prior art results along with an analysis of the field.

50 closest prior art results with the analysis of the field

  • Simple:Just enter a patent number
  • Comprehensive:Review patents in the native languages of many countries
  • Speed:Get results within 24 hours after your order
  • High Quality:The AI marked high performance at the PTAB in the US
Benchmark of the US invalidity trial (PTAB):
Patents used for past
100 Invalidity trials were included in the AI's prior art report.
 Included in top 10: 20%
 Included in top 50: 35%

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- 30,000 JPY / report

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Case Study

1: Invalidity search

You can quickly ask our AI before you invest significant time and fees on invalidity searches. The AI's results with big data analysis helps you develop research plan.


2: Quality control of human research

You can double-check if there is no patent hidden from human research after completing the invalidity search. 

How to use

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    Q/ Do I need to install any system?
    No. Amplified ai is an online based service. You don't need to set up anything on your PC.
    You just create an account for free and let our AI do the work! 
    Q/ Do our competitors know about the research we did?
    Never. The information about each users and researches done by them is highly protected by our Privacy Policy. To know more about this Privacy Policy, please click privacy policy.
    Q/ Who finds relevant patents? You?
    Our AI do the work without any human interaction.
    Q/ What data is included in the report?
    The data included in the report is the same as DOCDB. You can read the full text of the patents with the Google Patents by clicking the link appeared on the report.
    Q/ Do you charge any fees when I sign up for an account? 
    No. You can sign up for the account for free of charge. Please see three sample reports available on your dashboard for your decision. 
    Q/ Can I pay with my credit card? 
    Yes. To use your credit card, please contact our customer support at
    If you have any further questions, please contact us at