Amplified AI Attended 2019 Licensing Executive Society (LES) Thailand


Amplified AI had the privilege of attending the 2019 Licensing Executive Society (LES) Thailand annual conference in Bangkok. We were delighted to support this conference with our Head of Client Services, Matthew Luby, invited as moderator for the panel: “Patent Trends: Perspectives on the BCG Economy”.

The conference was focused on how Intellectual Property commercialization supports Thailand’s ambitious new BCG model for the Thailand 4.0 economic plan. BCG stands for Bioeconomy, Circular economy, and Green economy, and is intended to support the growth in these three important sectors of the Thai economy. The panel discussions included a diverse range of highly experienced innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and IP professionals who shared unique insights and perspectives on topics ranging from technology trends to key success criteria for technology commercialization in startups.

More information on the program and the activities of LES Thailand can be found at:

The LESI will meet again for its Annual Meeting in May in Yokohama, Japan.
See: for more information.

For further insight into Thailand’s BCG economy, please see:

amplified ai は、知的財産に関する国際団体「Licensing Executive Society」のタイ年次総会に招待され、弊社のクライアントサービス責任者であるMatthew Lubyが「Patent Trends: Perspectives on the BCG Economy(特許動向 - BCG経済の展望)」のセッションにてモデレーターをつとめました。

本会議では、知的財産の商業化が、タイの長期経済開発計画「Thailand 4.0」における新たなBCG政策をどのようにサポートできるかに焦点が当てられました。BCGとは、Bioeconomy、Circular Economy、Green Economyの略で、これらの3要素は、タイの持続可能な経済成長政策の基礎となっています。


2019 Licensing Executive Society (LES)のプログラム及び、詳細な活動については、こちらをご覧ください。
なお、来たる5月には、パシフィコ横浜にてLES インターナショナル大会が行われます。


Mayumi Bani