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【Account Registration】

To create an account enter your e-mail address and choose a password. Click on the box to agree to Amplified AI’s terms of use and privacy policy then click Sign Up.

You will receive an email to verify your account. Please follow the instructions in the email to complete the registration process.

※Passwords must be at least 8 characters and include at least one capital letter and number.


To login simply enter the email address and password you used during signup and click Log In.


New project

To create your first search project, click on NEW PROJECT (①) in the top menu bar. Then give your project a name so you can easily find it later (②). Next choose whether to build your search around a text description or existing patent publication number (③). Please also choose the language you’ll be searching in. This should match the language of the target patent or text and also determines the language of the results you will see.

Amplified AI searches by patent family which means your search will cover any family that has at least one publication is written in the language you selected. For example, an English language search will cover all families that include at least one family member written in English.

Now just enter a patent publication number or an invention description (④) and you’ll be on your way!

target patent

Searching by patent number
We’ll display the patent title as you enter the number. Confirm that this is the correct publication and then click create to start the search.

Searching by text description

Amplified AI searches by concept so take your time here. More information is better and please don’t use keywords or boolean strings! For best results we suggest including:

  • A title for the invention.

  • An abstract that describes the idea in 3-5 sentences. What is the problem you are solving and how does your idea accomplish this from a technical perspective?

After filling out the Title and Abstract fields, please consider providing more detail in the Description section. Ideally this would be similar to what you would see in the “Background of the Invention” and “Summary of the Invention” sections of a patent. This additional context will improve your results.


Once you click Create, a page will load with the target of your search displayed. Amplified provides a workflow to help you focus your search, review results, and build a report. If you’re just looking for a quick answer you have the option to skip this step and go directly to results by clicking on ② Review Results.


① Using the Focus tab

Target Section

This tool helps you define specific technical features called target sections for your search and is required to generate an art matrix for your report. You come back to this step anytime.

To create a target section use your mouse to highlight passages of text and then click Add target section. You can create as many target sections as you want.

When you’re ready click on Continue to Review to see your search results.

② Reviewing your search results

Review Results

Amplified AI will identify highly relevant results automatically, so you’ll immediately get what Amplified AI thinks is the most relevant reference based on your input. You’ll see the title, abstract, full text, figures, and some metadata about the result. After reviewing you can add this to your art matrix using the thumbs up button to add to your art matrix. If the result wasn’t what you were looking for then click on the thumbs down button.

Amplified will automatically display the next best result after you’ve made a selection. As you review results Amplified AI learns on-the-fly to understand exactly what you're looking for and helps find the best results. Once you’ve reviewed enough results, click on Continue to Analyze to start building your report.

Button Meaning Case
good Relevant These results have the technical features you are looking for clearly present.
bad Not Relevant It's in the same technology field, but does not have the same features or clearly not relevant to even the same field.

Using the analyze tab to build your report

result section

This is where you can review the results you saved from earlier in detail and build an art matrix. You can use the arrow buttons to cycle through the list of results you mark as relevant.

To create an art matrix we need to tie relevant passages from each result to the target sections created during the Focus step. Start by selecting a target section at the top and finding a similar passage in the result. You can remind yourself what the target section says by hovering over the box.

Once you’ve found a relevant passage use your mouse to highlight that text and then click Add result section. This will automatically create a Result Section that is tied to the selected Target Section. You can repeat this for each target section that has a relevant result section. Once you are finished you can click on Continue to Art Matrix to view your report.

④ Viewing your art matrix

art matrix

If you created Target Sections and Result Sections then Amplified will automatically generate an art matrix/claim chart here showing you an overview of the results you selected and a mapping of their key features.


change feedback

To keep track of your work and view previous results you can click on the thumbs up and down icons on the left side of the navigation bar. As you review results these will also update to show you how many results you've already looked through. You can also change results. For example if you decide that a thumbs down result should actually be added to your report. To go back to your unreviewed results click on the magnifying glass search icon.


project remaining

Click on settings to change your account information, add search credits, view your current billing plan, or upgrade to a new plan.


To change your password in account settings enter your old password and your new password then click Update.