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① Prior art Search: Click to create your first project

You can redo the search over and over again within the same project. Once you have confirmed the results, you can also focus the search by teaching the AI and also emphasizing a specific feature.

Project Creation

② Give the project a name
The project name will be immediately viewable after naming. 
(A function to edit the project name will be added in the future.)

New Search Project

③ Select the Input Method for the Project

Existing Patent
Input by Patent Number
This allows for the input of a patent number (useful in validity searching or if you have a known prior patent and want to find very similar prior art)
Invention Description
Input by Natural Text
This allows for the input of free, natural text (useful in pre-filing patentability and new invention searching, freedom-to-operate searching, and for searching about technology related to the input.)

New Search Project

① Select the country and enter the patent number. 
A confirmation message will show up indicating the corresponding patent to your input.  Please confirm and hit Next.

●When selecting a country:

US ➡︎ The family including the US patent will be the target of the search.
JP ➡︎ The family including the JP patent will be the target of the search.

② Next, please confirm the displayed Abstract summary of the patent is correct and click Create. 
If it is not the patent you intended, select Back and enter the number again.


Invention Description : Input by Natural Text

① Select the Country to be searched (this means each family must have at least one member from that country).

② Give a title that appropriately represents the idea of the text to be input.  This can be like a patent title.

③ Please enter one or more sentences describing the invention or text to be searched, including the problem to be solved and technical features.
❌ Please do not simply enter keywords as you would with a traditional, complicated boolean search.  Full sentences work best.

The last input is optional and is equivalent to paragraph form detailed description of the invention.  Generally the more input, the better.

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Viewing Results

① List of Feedback Results

② Filtering by Priority Date

③ Phrase Boost

  ➡︎ See Phrase Boost

④ Feedback Buttons

 ➡︎ See Feedback Buttons

⑤ Similarity Score and Patent Information

  • Similarity:Similarity Score to Specified Input
  • Patent number:Representative publication of worldwide family
  • Forward citations:Count of families that cite this family result
  • Backward citations:Count of families cited by this family result
  • Published:Publication date of family result
  • Priority Date:Earliest priority of family result
  • Link to Google Patents

⑥ Progress to AI Learning Bar
 If you provide feedback until the progress bar fills, the AI will learn and then optimize new results based on your choices.

⑦ Patent Abstract

⑧ Patent Information

  • Assignees
  • Inventors
  • CPC Codes
  • IPC Codes

⑨ Drawings
  If there are drawings, they will appear here and can be navigated (left/right)

Phrase Boosting

Phrase boosting allows for you to select a phrase of text and immediately weight that concept higher in the optimization of returned results.

For example, "temperature during passivation of a semiconductor substrate", "height of a casing", "threshold value of frequency of use by a user", etc.

These may be critical features that you are looking for that correspond to defining features of the invention you are trying to find similar prior art for.

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Amplified AI proposes better results based on the user feedback you provide for each result. By clicking the "Relevant", "Required Review" "No Relevance" "Noise" buttons in each of the displayed results and returning that feedback, AI understands the user's needs more deeply and re-optimizes the presentation of new results (after each set of 10).

Feedback to AI on Results
Buttons Meaning Case
relevant Relevant These results have the technical features you are looking for clearly present.
need review Needs Review It seems that the technical features that you are looking for may be present, but more analysis of the details is needed to confirm.
not relevant Not Relevant It's in the same technology field, but does not have the same features.
noise Noise Clearly not relevant to even the same field (e.g., you are investigating automotive and get a chemical structure, food, pharma, etc.)

You can check each result for which feedback was already chosen in the list display. 
You also have the option to change the choice.

Feedback Change

You can change your password by selecting the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and following the prompts.

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